This weekend painting session

This weekend the weather is really amazing. Although it is quite cold as you would expect in early September the sun is shining which makes both days really bright and beautiful.

My first painting on Saturday is a view from our Gorazdova flat window into a courtyard. It is something I wanted to paint for some time and I felt very happy to finally get down to it. This is a first layer and more will come soon. The shots are not very good since the bright light did not allow me to take better pictures with my phone camera. In future I will definitely take better ones to share the painting’s true colors 🙂

Court_at_Gorazdova_RadkaZKingThis is a quick color sketch of my friend Jana from earlier last week – when we went to cafe Mala Ryba.

Jana in cafe in Prague by Radka Z King

A color sketch of my friend Sara – from her wedding vow celebration with her husband Francisco – the celebration took place years ago but I always wanted to paint some pictures based on this day – using my photos.

The Wedding Vow by Radka Z King

2 thoughts on “This weekend painting session

  1. It’s beautiful, Radka, and the colours are very true! Don’t change it unless the change comes to you naturally on its own… 🙂 Keep it up, I’m happy that you’re painting again 😉

  2. Thanks Luci, I am happy you like it and that you like the colors! 🙂
    By my comment I meant that the colors in the photograph are not 100% representing the colors of my painting – otherwise I completely agree with you that I am not changing the painting colors 🙂

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