Postcard painting for Twitter Art Exhibit 2014

This year’s Twitter Art Exhibit is taking place in Orlando, Florida, USA. To participate you paint one postcard size painting and send it to the organizers by February 21st. On top of that you need to have a Twitter account and tweet about the event @twitterartexhibit to help give it some visibility in social media.This time the money raised from the postcard art sales goes to The Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes. The Gallery opening will take place at CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery, Orlando.

Each year the location and the beneficiary changes but the aim is the same – collect money for charity purposes via postcard paintings. You can check more at:

My postcard is ready to go! I am sharing the stages the little painting went through. Usually each oil-paint layer was painted at the weekend. I let it dry through the week and it ready for next layer the following Sunday. Original inspiration comes from a beautiful tree in the nearby Botanics at Karlov. I often admired it, took some photos and it is possible that I will paint it again on larger scale – oil on canvas.

First layer – the tree shape and a horizon


Second layer – working on the tree trunk, some leaves on the ground, and the sky highlights Tree_from_Botanics_2_byRadkaZK

Third layer – I thought this was the final layer with leaves, but then I had to add…Tree_from_Botanics_3_byRadkaZKFourth layer – some roots to connect the tree with the earth…

RadkaZKing_TreeFromBotanics_OilOnPaper_2014 MyStudio_with_Tree_for_TwitterArtExhibit_2014 Getting_ready_toPaint_last_layer_byRadka

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