Recreating picture from the past

Not all paintings and sketches usually survive from the past. There are two paintings which I would love to have with me still today and which got lost somewhere between our old flat and a family country house. Both these pictures were done very spontaneously. The first one was a self-portrait, a reflection in the mirror, and the other one was a portrait of my dear friend Wim in Stromovka park. One of those I decided to recreate. The reason why only one of them will be recreated lies not in the subject matter but in the technique which allows to trace the lines and colors.

In this blog I am sharing few images of the recreation process. The new painting will be up for public viewing in an upcoming exhibition. Details will follow soon. 🙂

RadkaZKing_SelfPortrait_Sketch_part1 RadkaZKing_SelfPortrait_oiloncanvas_step2 RadkaZKing_SelfPortrait_oiloncanvas_part3 RadkaZKing_SelfPortrait

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