Charcoal on paper sketch

Charcoal on paper, sketch from Prague, New Town, Na Zderaze
Na Zderaze, New Town, Prague, Charcoal on paper

A sketch from today’s walk around Prague’s New Town, charcoal on paper. It captures a building of former monastery which was part of historical settlement ‘Zderaz’ dating to 12th century, and behind this building there is a big factory chimney and a courtyard of Technical faculty .

The Zderaz settlement was built on a rock and apart from the monastery it also included a small Romanesque church of St. Vaclav, later rebuilt in a Gothic style. Today you would find the church on the corner of Dittrichova and Resslova street, bit down the hill from this view.

Through the times the face of today area of New Town has changed a lot. The biggest changes were perhaps those that happened during big Prague redevelopment at the end of 19 century. This redevelopment is probably most known for bringing down the Old Jewish Town from which we have today only the Jewish cemetery left. Zderaz area though also met the same fate and much of it went down together with the rock at the start of 20th century. But what is left of it today is still quite amazing. It has a unique ambiance and the elevated nature of the streets creates a dramatic view.

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