Sketching in New Year

It was the first Thursday in year 2016. I got up and immediately knew that it was not going to be my good day. I felt very tired and cold. Somehow I could not shake the tiredness and coldness off. All morning was a struggle and I kept thinking it was going to be a lost day. Finally I managed to get out of the house. I have this inner voice that tells me to have a pen, a notebook and a camera always with me. Always. Even if I am absolutely sure I will not need those this voice tells me to take them. So I did take them.
I went to Sushi Time at Národní třída for lunch. The food was warming me up, the place was quiet, not many people were in which was very pleasant, I was looking out of the large glass windows onto the street. I took the pen and started drawing my view. I knew it was going to be “a bad drawing.” But I kept drawing nevertheless. After that things picked up. I had come coffee and went on to discover a really nice Tea house near Hradčanská, A Maze In Tchaiovna. I did a series of photos of the interior, chatted with Andy, the proprietor, did more photos of Prague, and later that evening met my former language students for glass of wine. At the end of the day it was not such a bad day. In fact it turned out to be a nice day; I had a new drawing, new ideas for photography and painting, shared stories and laughs with old friends, and I was not feeling so cold anymore.

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