Just another beautiful beginning

If you are a parent of a young child it is likely that your life is often being interrupted. Every day, even every hour no matter what you planned to do you can expect there will be a little or bigger interruptions. Things that your child will need or want will take priority over everything else. You will stop whatever it is you are doing and you will attend to his or her needs. Sometimes you will stop for a few minutes, sometimes for a few weeks. This way many things in your life are ceasing and beginning again and again.


That has been my recent experience with our little boy. Although last year I freed my work schedule to give more productive time to art-work my time got filled with full time childcare for weeks and weeks because our boy fell sick quite often. It was partially expected since he just started day care but not on such a scale. Fortunately we were not dealing with anything serious but still my work routine was interrupted so often and for such periods of time that I did not have a chance to develop a new work routine not to mention create a body of work.

Today it feels that my creative and working life is being constantly interrupted. To maintain some sort of continuity it requires from me to be constantly picking up the bits and pieces where they were left. It means that I believe that it is possible to start again and again even when my inner voice says ‘Give it up, you are getting nowhere’.

Life – intermittent, somewhat irregular and still so beautiful. The beauty of it is that I would never trade a single moment of my time with my kids for anything else. Also the beauty of it is that I love each and every new beginning. Today it was just another beginning. It was an amazing sunny day and I finally got time on my own. I got everything ready to paint the view of Palackeho square from our flat; easel on the balcony, palette with oil paints and brushes at hand. Listening to the sounds of life on the street below I focused easily, patiently placing one brush stroke after another on the white canvas, watching the shadows becoming longer and longer. It was an amazing afternoon. It was just another beautiful beginning.

RoomWithAView_PaintingSession_RadkaZimovaKing_2016 NewPainting_ViewFromGorazdova_RadkaZimovaKing_2016


2 thoughts on “Just another beautiful beginning

  1. Such true and beautiful thoughts. And so inspirational for every parent in this world. Thank u! When we have wee ones we loose ourselves in order to look after them, play with them, be with them. Our time becomes their time and it’s not just for a little minute but for years. I slowly learned that even a few minutes just for myself doing anything what is important for me , having ‘me time’ it’s precious and it should be treasured. And having that ‘me time’ makes me feel happier with myself and I am convinced that but my wee boys can feel it too … happy mummy, happy children. Radu, your picture u made on the balcony is stunning!

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