Picasso ‘El Paseo de Colon’ 1917

Today I returned to my painting of Manes. It was a second painting session for this canvas. I could feel how the gap in painting with oil affected me. I could not get into my ‘painting flow’ at all. I felt sort of rubbery and it seemed I was just starting when it was time to stop. So I am not satisfied with the result much. It is not that it would be horrible but it is not right either. Over summer my choice was to go over to acrylics. It was a new medium for me and it was very exciting to learn how to use it and create new series which was inspired by summer travels. But these two mediums are so different that if you work with one for a while you can almost forget how to paint with the other.

It is my coffee break. I am looking at a painting by PicassoEl Paseo de Colon’ 1917. It is amazing with how much certainty Picasso applied the brush strokes here. Perhaps this certainty in combination with constantly painting in new and different way is what I love about Picasso’s work. I am trying to imagine what it would be like to bring into life a brand new way how to depict outside world while being so sure about it at the same time. As if he had no self doubts.
Inspecting this Picasso’s painting is energizing me. I cannot stop looking at it. So at least over my break after the unsuccessful painting session this morning I feel inspired and hungry again. It is time to go and have another session. Thanks to ‘El Paseo de Colon’! Thank you Picasso.

El Paseo de Colon by Picasso, The World’s Greatest Art, Star Fire, London
Prague Manes, oil painting, session 2, detail, 2016
Prague Manes, oil painting, session 2, detail, 2016




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