Impact HUB, Prague, Opening on May 25th, 2014

Thank you all my friends and colleagues who came to see the paintings and who made such wonderful atmosphere! It made my day. 🙂

The Art

Paintings by Radka Zimova King 2013 and 2014

The Guest Book

#twitterartexhibit Charity Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, 2014

My contribution to this year’s charity exhibit in Orlando, Florida which is benefiting the Center for Contemporary Dance, Special Needs Classes.

MyStudio_with_Tree_for_TwitterArtExhibit_2014 RadkaZKing_TreeFromBotanics_OilOnPaper_2014

#twitterartexhibit Charity Exhibition, Los Angeles, 2013

A charity exhibition #twitterartexhibit was organized in Los Angeles in January 2013. Every artist participating in this show contributed with a painting size of a postcard. All the money collected from the sale of the paintings was used to help young people aspiring to study arts who live in Los Angeles poor areas financing their studies. As the title suggests the event was organized via Twitter.

Twitter Art Exhibit Twitter Art Exhibit 3

My picture for #twitterartexhibit – painting in progress. The theme is a view of a row of houses below Petrin Hill in Mala Strana in Prague. Petrin Hill is a great place for a lovely view over Prague but you need to climb up to the top or take a funicular. Mala Strana is a beautiful part of the city with many attractions and a nice Kampa park along the river. IMG_20121205_230011

DOX Art Salon 2012, Prague Gallery

DOX Gallery is a center of contemporary art, architecture and design. Since the gallery was created in the building of a former factory the space itself is fantastic and makes it worth a visit for any architecture lovers. It is located in Holesovice, a former industrial part of Prague that got recently gentrified and some of the former factory spaces were used for new modern looking housing and galleries. It is not too far from the center although I would not say it is exactly near either.

In spring 2012 the Gallery organized an open-call to all artists and held an exhibition of more than a thousand of paintings. There was no jury and everybody who submitted their artwork in time got exhibited from one up to three original paintings.The opening show was lively and mainly made of crowds of the artists themselves accompanied by their families and friends. I also took part and here are some photos from the first night. There was vote for the best piece of art present. The vote could have been done either in the DOX Gallery or via their Facebook page on internet. The winner was Teodor Buzu, a professional artist born in Moldavia. He studied art in Ukraine and he lives and exhibits his work in the Czech Republic, Moldavia and Romania. You can find Teodor Buzu’s art at:



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