Art in 2016


In 2016 I am focusing on several creative areas. One is exploring and experimenting with new techniques, having fun and discovering new possibilities of visual expression. As part of this ‘project’ I am undertaking a year course with Carla Sonheim titled ‘Y is for Yellow’. Carla is having her class to work with variety of media and together with trying different approaches to drawing and painting I often end up with some unexpected images which I love. One great technique I learned in Carla’s class that I am already using in my main artwork now is acrylic dry brush.


My second area of focus is sketching and painting neighborhood of Prague New Town. Sketching is out of my comfort zone for two reasons. One is that I always feel strong inclination to go straight to painting with brushes because I love that and also feel that I cannot draw. The second reason is that sometimes you have to sketch outdoors which can make you self-conscious. Feeling self-conscious does not help. But I tell myself that all that is needed is practice and practice. So I made my least favorite thing that is sketching something like a stretch goal. To have an easy way to track this particular progress I decided to fill in 7 different sketchbooks by the end of the year. I also allowed myself to cheat a little bit – my sketching can be done in different techniques starting with pen, pencil and ending with brushes and gouache paints.

Painting Prague New Town is probably my favorite ‘big’ painting project this year. How it started actually is that I did two paintings of New Town back in 2014. Somehow these two paintings and the motif kept coming back to OilPainting_NaZborenci_RadkaKingArtme in my imagination and when I was walking around the area. I kept nagging at me for so long that I had to make it my focus. I am woring with oil and acrylic paints on larger canvases. The plan is to have a complete first phase of the Prague New Town paintings series done by the end of May.


Latest emerging is a series of oil paintings with a working title ‘Wine tasting’. Those are done on smaller  40x40cm canvases and depict outdoor or indoor scenes of New Town cafes and bars. It is quite at the beginning and very much work in progress.